Hackference is back for 2016

If you want to attend either the conference or hackathon in 2016, head to https://2016.hackference.co.uk

Sponsorship Packages

Hackference is three unique days of learning, collaboration and creating, taking place in two venues across central Birmingham. 250 Conference attendees will be enjoying talks focusing on new technology, creating amazing experiences - watching and participating in workshops, and 150 Hackathon attendees will be part of one of the biggest hackathons in the United Kingdom.


October 2nd


October 3rd - October 4th

Who attends Hackference?

We're lucky at Hackference to have a diverse mixture of attendees - previous event's have had plenty of student, startup, corporate and freelance attendees from all over the skill spectrum. Although we love local developers and designers, we are even more lucky to have such a large number of them travel in from across the country.

The majority of our speakers are renowed on a national level - and some, international - and travel to us from all across the world. They are active on social media, and usually have a very large following as they are considered trendsetters, influencers and brand promoters.

Why support Hackference?

Supporting Hackference is a truely amazing way to get your company exposed to highly skilled and motivated developers and designers who are on the leading-edge of technology. In addition to helping us cover the costs of organising such an event - you are also helping us exhibit the brilliant, and sometimes, overlooked Birmingham technology scene. With your support, it mean's we can provide a fantastic event to our attendees.

The Packages

As the bare minimum everyone that sponsors is listed on our sponsors page with logo and a page explaining who you are and why you are supporting Hackference 2015. Also, a thank you will be sent out from our social media accounts and a mention in our periodic e-mail.

The Extras

We have plenty of other things that you can sponsor, either adding in or swapping with items in the packages.

Student Tickets
Professionals aren't the only people that get the most out of conferences, students get access to the biggest experts in fields they may not normally have access to. We want to bring in more students and up the diversity of the attendees.
Cost: Contact us

Bean Bags
Sponsor the bean bags at the Hackathon, all the over night hackers will be eternally grateful to you for the more comfortable night's sleep they would have enjoyed.
Cost: £1,000

Hackathon WiFi
Connectivity is always a problem at large tech events, especially community events. Help keep the hackers hacking!
Cost: £3,500

Conference T-shirt
Give all the attendee's a little something unique and special to remember the event and your brand by.
Cost: Contact us

Hackathon Meal - Lunch
First and last meal of Hackference is lunch, help provide that kick to start everyone off.
Cost: £500

Hackathon Meal - Dinner
After most of a working day coding, the hackers deserve a break and something nice to dig into.
Cost: £850

Hackathon Meal - Breakfast
For those hackers that are just waking up, or haven't even attempted sleep, this is a much needed boost to the final hours of hacking.
Cost: £400

Hacker Coffee/Tea
The venue has an on-site coffee shop, why not have it branded and powered by your company.
Cost: Contact us

Hacker Fuel
Cover all the soft drink and energy drinks the hackers will consume over the 30 hours the hackathon is open.
Cost: £500

Hacker Beer
Cover the evening beers, where hackers are trying to relax and dig in for the long haul hacking.
Cost: £500

More Information

If you have any questions, or specific goals or requirements, please don't hesitate to get in contact; we're always open to ideas and will try to accommodate as much as possilbe.

You can contact us via: