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Sam Phippen

Director of Plausibility

Fun and Plausible Solutions
samphippen @samphippen http://samphippen.com

A little about Sam...

Sam Phippen is a swashbuckling hacker from London, UK. He fixes every size of data problem at Fun and Plausible Solutions. He helps fight for the forces of justice as a member of the RSpec core team. He's sad that he can't hug every cat.

Single Page Web Apps don't work, reprise

Track 2

Single page web apps are taking off at an outstanding place. They're eating the web ecosystem. I find, however, that single page web apps cause a number of problems within the development ecosystem and are potentially causing more harm than good. In this talk, we'll make a critical exploration through modern javascript frameworks, how they work, and some of the fundamental problems with single page web apps. We'll also look at techniques you can use to replace them while still provide rich user experiences. This talk, more than anything, is meant to be some light hearted fun, I promise I won't troll javascript developers (too much).