Hackference is back for 2016

If you want to attend either the conference or hackathon in 2016, head to https://2016.hackference.co.uk

Ruth John

A little about Ruth...

Ruth John has been wireframing, designing and coding for over a decade. She also tweets and blogs a bit too. You can often find her chatting about new mobile & web development techniques and getting excited about building apps.

A Journey Through Browser API Space & Time

Track 1

More browser APIs seem to be cropping up daily, it’s hard to keep track of what’s what and which is which. Don’t panic, Ruth takes us on a tour of what’s past, what’s present and what the future holds, so you can level up and feel a lot calmer about what’s on the event horizon. All this with plenty of 80's cartoons and a browser powered audio/visual show to boot. You won't want to miss this!