Hackference is back for 2016

If you want to attend either the conference or hackathon in 2016, head to https://2016.hackference.co.uk

Phil Leggetter

Chief Devangelist

leggetter @leggetter http://pusher.com

A little about Phil...

Phil Leggetter is Head of Developer Relations at Pusher where his focus is to share knowledge and ideas about real-time frameworks, APIs and real-time functionality in web and mobile apps. His interests include JavaScript, software engineering practices, APIs, real-time web technologies and developer experience. He’s also the co-author of the APress title Realtime Web Apps.

Why You Should be Using Web Components Right Now. And How.

Track 1

Web Components are touted as the future of front-end web development. In this talk you’ll learn what Web Components are, how to use them and the state of native support in web browsers. Finally I’ll demonstrate what your options are for building componentized web apps right now using AngularJS, Ember, Knockout, React, Polymer etc. And why Web Components probably are the future of front-end web development and how can you align yourself with a Web Component future.