Hackference is back for 2016

If you want to attend either the conference or hackathon in 2016, head to https://2016.hackference.co.uk

Nicolas GreniƩ

Hacker in Residence

picsoung @picsoung http://nicolasgrenie.com

A little about Nicolas...

Nicolas is a Hacker in Residence at 3scale living between Barcelona and San Francisco. He built his first website in 2000 using Microsoft Word, and since them did not stop learning about programming. Nicolas has built many projects around APIs using JS stack like APIs.io or APIbunny. His last passion is around Slack and building bots for Slack. When not working you have a good chance to find him hacking on side projects or enjoying a good craft beer. And of course, as he is French, frog and snails are part of his daily diet!

Connecting and managing Micro-services

Track 1

There is currently a major shift sweeping over the software industry. We went from monolithic apps, to API-driver apps, and now software engineers are breaking their apps into "micro-services". Managing and connecting those different micro-services could be a hassle. Thanks to tools like APItools (http://apitools.com) it's lot easier to see what's happening on the different services and hook them together. APItools let's you troubleshoot, monitor and modify API traffic. You can write middleware in Lua to do so, and a few minutes you have a running integration.