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Martin Kearn

Technical Evangelist

@martinkearn http://blogs.msdn.com/b/martinkearn/

A little about Martin...

Martin Kearn is a Web Developer and Technical Evangelist at Microsoft. If he's not helping partners build apps or web sites you'll find him traveling the country speaking at events about all aspects of software development.

He has a passion (teetering on the edge of obsession) for web performance and optimisation, and enjoys nothing more than squeezing an extra 10ms from a page load.

Web Performance & Compatibility Lab


A website that performs badly is akin to a Ferrari with no fuel in; nice to look at but fairly useless.

Research shows that most web users give a site up to 2 seconds before subconsciously deciding whether to continue with the site or bounce to another. If your site is still loading after that 2 seconds passes or parts of your site are not compatible with the users browser, you're already dead.

In this lab, we'll walk you through the key areas to focus on when tuning and optimising your site for real web users. We'll walk though through tools, techniques and resources needed to fine tune your own site.

By then end of the session, you'll be well equipped to make sure every site you build performs like a Ferrari (with fuel in).