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Jonathan Kingsley

A little about Jonathan...

Hey, i'm Jon. I love to build software, hardware, break security and attend hackathons. I've worked on all kinds of projects, from games infrastructure to corporate systems to building RC Helis.

Fireworks As A Service: Building IoT devices with a Boom

Track 2

Want to learn how to build physical hardware that can connect to the internet? Interested in fun electronic engineering projects? Just want to see some sh** blown up? Well, there's all that for you and more in this talk. MARVEL at the design process. STARE at the magnificently hacked-together C that runs it all. GASP in horror as you realise this will probably end up being more of a show-then-tell-then-explain than an actual informative talk. Overall, this should give you a pretty informative look into IoT devices, hardware hacking, securing API's and general fun when building crazy stuff.