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Joe Nash

Developer Advocate

jdNash @jna_sh

A little about Joe...

Joe is a Developer Advocate at Braintree Payments, a PayPal Company. Having learnt the dark arts of FP at the University of Nottingham, Joe is passionate about functional techniques and their benefits to developers. He believes in the educational benefits of hackathons and hack culture, and helped kickstart student hackathons in the UK as part of the European team at Major League Hacking.

Insert Token: Tokenization and Immersion


Tokenization is a vital technique for insuring security of critical user information, from usernames and passwords, to credit card numbers. But it's capable of more than just keeping us safe; it can improve the experience of our apps beyond measure. In this lightning talk, we'll do a quick, deep dive into what immersion means, and how you can ensure it in your apps using tokenization.