Hackference is back for 2016

If you want to attend either the conference or hackathon in 2016, head to https://2016.hackference.co.uk

Etiene Dalcol

A little about Etiene...

Brazilian engineering student currently in exchange in France through a scholarship. Lead developer of Sailor, thinks that Lua programming language should be the next thing and wants to teach programming to young ladies on it. Likes going to tech conferences and cares about women in technology. Has been a speaker on various occasions and once got a Hackathon prize. Loves traveling, is trilingual, thinks that learning natural languages is a beautiful thing and is currently deciding which one to learn next.

What I learned teaching programming to 150 young women

Track 1

A few months ago I was invited to give a workshop at Women's International Leadership Conference on Introduction to Programming. That was an amazing experience that taught me incredible things and motivated me to open source all the steps. Some of the topics I'll cover on this talk include: Why Javascript is an appropriate introductory language to programming, versus popular teaching choices such as Python; What is feasible in a short length workshop; How programming workshops empower and inspire learners; How this experience contributed to my own learning, as well as personal and professional growth; The materials to reproduce this workshop.