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Callum Hopkins

A little about Callum...

Full stack developer working at a People Consultancy in Aberdeen called Altablue. I specialise in graphic & web design, web development, server setup & management, user experience and digital marketing. Published author, avid blogger, football fanatic and an absolute movie buff.

The Importance of Side Projects

Track 1

Side projects are an important tool to any web developer or designer’s tool belt. Side projects allow developers and designers to experiment with new ideas and techniques which can then be honed and applied into commercial scenarios with experience. In some scenarios, side projects started for fun have transformed into a commercially viable commodity. Why are side projects so important? What can they offer to those who undertake them? What does a successful side project look like and who has achieved this? I am currently committing my free time to an ongoing side project that has challenge type rules, set to improve areas of my professional skills which I have deemed to be lacking. I plan to share my experiences from working on this side project and what I’ve achieved by publicly documenting the progress of this project through video documentation and blog posts. I also plan to share advice from friends about their experiences from working their own side projects. The aim behind this talk is to inspire those who feel scared to start side projects and have a fear to exposing their ability to the world, to overcome these fears and embrace the excitement of creating something they can call their own.